Empowered Women are Sexy



That’s right ladies. I want to take a minute to tell you that feminism is sexy. Women who know what they want are sexy. And if you are a woman and you’re proud of it, then you’re my type.

There was a situation recently where someone told a rape joke and I just went deadpan. I was like “I don’t get it.” And the dude awkwardly tried to explain. He was a relic of an ancient culture that had its day, and he was trying to justify outdated dogma. It was pathetic.

It is true that when guys are alone, some of them do degrade women and tell rape jokes or compare women to dishwashers because they think it’s hilarious.

I always try to make those guys feel as awkward as possible.

You need allies, and most of us are decent human beings who know that.

I just wanted to make that perfectly clear, in case anyone was fuzzy on that point. Backwards caveman males get on my nerves, and women are meant to be our partners, not our inferiors.

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