Favor for a Friend

A friend of mine writes a blog about fetish stuff. Now, I admit, it’s a little on the kinky side for me sometimes. However, I told her that I would write a post about it since she’s always telling people about my book. So, you should check out the Magically Delicious Super Slut. There, I […]

Thank You Guys (and Girls)

I know guys are not supposed to talk about their feelings. This is why pictures that are related to feelings always have girls in them. Note the above. This is oddly also true for cats. I don’t know why, but memes about how awesome cats are always have girls in them too. However, being in […]

Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day weekend is always really sad for me because my adopted brother died in Iraq. I just want to remind you all of this most serious of holidays: Bernie Sanders is literally the only guy standing up for the rights of Veterans. He’s the only guy. We really ought to support our […]

Being an Expat

We are all here for different reasons. With me, I had a health problem that was expensive to manage in the US and is cheap here in South Korea. But lots of guys came here to date Korean women. Others came to learn about the culture. Some came to pay off student loans. Some couldn’t […]

The Constitution

There was a protest in Los Angeles against Donald Trump today. Lots of conservatives lost their shit over it. Here is what I want to know: Conservatives like to pretend that they LOVE the Constitution of the United States of America. They like to glorify it as the almighty document that should rule everything. They […]

Bernie or Bust

I didn’t like Hillary Clinton in 2008, and I voted for Obama instead. He betrayed me by bombing seven countries in six years and being a really lousy liberal. Now Hillary Clinton is back. I still don’t like her. But I would have voted for her in November anyway, because Donald Trump is an idiot. […]

Legal Bribes

Some of you may know about a terrible verdict by the US Supreme Court called “Citizens United.” This decision basically said that corporations could donate unlimited amounts of money to candidates in political campaigns. See the idea is that a corporation is a person like you or me. And money is exactly the same as […]

The White Rose Society

  The original White Rose Society in Germany was an organization that fought Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany. They were all killed, but their message lived on. Now, there is a “new” self-proclaimed White Rose Society, and I thought that I would check them out. I hung out in their groups, tried to interact with […]


I recently got into an argument with several men on Facebook. They argued that women and men are equal, and everyone needs to get over it. These kinds of folks (MRAs) are the worst sort of people, because they see their privilege slipping away and they can’t let it go without a fight, and without […]

Unbearably Stupid Americans

  I was wandering around some conservative websites because I guess I like to torture myself. I have a question, and if anyone has an answer please tell me: Why is it impossible for conservatives to take issue with actual bad things? In the meme above (from a conservative site) the suggestion is that: 1. […]