Please Vote

I know my readers are mostly young people, so I want to remind you that you are the largest generation in the US, and if you vote, you can change the shape of the country.

I swear.

You really can.

And I know most of you are for Bernie Sanders. That’s great! Me too. He’s the best guy running by a lot, and I have been saying that all along.

However, if Bernie isn’t on the ballot, you still need to vote.

If Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot, vote Jill Stein.

Here’s why:

1. Staying home does not send a message. More than half of the US stays home on election day, and politicians simply discount you as unimportant. They only care about people who vote.

2. Voting for Jill Stein shows that we want a liberal candidate. She can’t win because she is an Independent and the system is set up so that they can’t get electoral college votes in most states. But she is the only progressive liberal who will be on the ballot in November if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination. Every vote for her is one more voice telling the establishment parties that we want liberal progressive options.

3. The more of us vote, the more politicians have to care what we want. It shows that we are paying attention and will hold them accountable.

4. The Presidential race is not the only thing going on. We need to vote out these Republican Congress people too, because they keep sponsoring legislation that is morally reprehensible and we need to take their jobs away.

Please vote.





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