Old Friends



The problem with Facebook is that you tend to have a lot of folks from High School find you on there and request an add.

That would be fine, I guess, if I had grown up in a nice neighborhood. However, the neighborhood I came from was full of poor and desperate people, and they didn’t exactly grow up to be worthwhile adults.

In fact, I lost my cool and created a brand new Facebook page last week because I wanted to deactivate the old one and make my High School “friends” think I don’t use Facebook anymore.

This was due to the extreme frustration I felt seeing the ignorance whenever I logged in.

For example, there was this guy named James. I won’t say we were close, but we ran in the same circle. He ended up getting into Heroin later, and did it for ten years. I mean, sleeping-under-a-bridge kind of bad. He robbed people to get money, and then shot up and didn’t care where he passed out.

So then this dimwitted drain on society found god or allah or something. He got religious. And all of a sudden he thought he had the right to judge everyone else.

One of the things he posted was that safe spaces and methadone clinics should be illegal because then addicts won’t “feel enough shame from god in order to get clean.”


So first, safe spaces and methadone clinics have been proven to save lives and help people get clean. So it’s not just that James was completely 100% wrong in every way. It was also that he felt “shame from god” is what makes people quit using.

When I tried to point out the scientific case for safe spaces and methadone clinics, he told me that because I have never been addicted to Heroin, my “opinion” (read: scientific fact) doesn’t matter.

Apparently in order to know anything about drugs, you have to become a worthless piece of shit that spends ten years robbing the elderly and shooting up in a shit-hole tunnel.


So I just wanted to say:

Fuck Facebook and also fuck growing up in a poor neighborhood where everyone I ever met or knew was just like James. Him and his horrible new wife Brenda may think that we should force everyone to feel the shame of their judgmental god, but I think it’s sick.

Also, people look really gross after shooting up Heroin for a bunch of years.


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