Hillary Clinton is a Poor Choice

A lot of people lately have tried to paint Hillary Clinton as a “progressive,” which is the new made-up term that only exists in the USA, and means approximately the same thing as having liberal political views.

First, I want to assure you that Hillary Clinton is not a liberal, nor does she value liberal causes. She and her husband have become very rich, with an estimated net worth of $21 million dollars. They have become friends with other members of the one percent, like Donald Trump (yes, their daughters and friends and they have spent a lot of time together.)

Now, some people don’t know that former Presidents and their spouses get Secret Service Protection for life. This act was passed just as the previous 10 year protection was about to expire for the Clintons. They have therefore been continuously under the protection of the secret service sine Bill Clinton first took office.

As a side-note to this point, it is considered the worst job in the Secret Service to be assigned to protect Hillary Clinton.

However, the part I want you to consider is this: She hasn’t mingled with commoners in decades. On The View she was asked what she does when her and her girlfriends go out. Her response was that she doesn’t go out because then people want to talk to her. Now, she’s hardly an irresistible star like Will Smith or Angelina Jolie. She wouldn’t get mobbed. Most people leave politicians alone.

Yet, she either doesn’t want to mingle with average folks, or she’s afraid that someone might try to talk to her about her policies, which have been very damaging in many ways.

For example:

Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, but she also supported the US in its recent bombings of Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, and Libya. I have already talked about how we have no right to be combing these countries, (who have never threatened us.) All we are doing is making more terrorists. It’s easy for ISIS to point to dead kids we killed (which we call “collateral damage” as though they were furniture) and say: “Hey, the US is killing our children and bombing our hospitals. We have to drive them out of the middle east. We can’t make an army big enough, so all we can do is strike high-priority targets like any freedom fighters defending their homes.”

I want you to really think about that. Because, it’s a sad day when you look at something like this and realize that ISIS drowns and beheads innocent people and they are horrible. And yet… on this one issue, they are right.

Then think about the fact that without the US bombing all the time, they would have no supporters. No one supports their sex slaves or their beheading people.

Not one single person.

They only support ISIS in hopes that the organization can drive US troops out of the middle east so that their children can grow up safe without fear of bombs falling from the sky.

The US military knows that they are creating terrorists by following their orders, and the Air Force has tried to tell the White House that the drone strikes they are ordered to carry out serve only to give ISIS more followers.

And yet, Hillary Clinton has defended every bombing campaign, and even called Iraq “A business opportunity.”

She also called for ground troops in Iran and told the Jewish Lobby that she thinks Israel should have more weapons. Basically, she wants to arm and occupy the world, in spite of the fact that the people there have rights, and one of those rights is not to be invaded by the US, or bombed by us.

My only guess is that the Clintons are either so out-of-touch that they think taking over the world is totally fine, or they own stock in weapons companies and are looking to make a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton fully supported the trade deal with Panama that allowed US corporations and rich US citizens to launder money through the country, and to stash it there to avoid paying taxes. As with all bad things our government has done, Bernie Sanders was right there in Congress warning that it’s would allow the rich and corporations to dodge taxes, but Obama and Clinton pushed for it, so it went through.

I originally left the US for healthcare though, so I need to talk about Clinton’s feelings on that. She has said that Universal (Single-Payer) Healthcare will never happen in the US. And I do know why she said that. She stashes her money overseas. She helps corporations stash their money overseas. She has helped create loopholes that ensure that only the poor and middle class pay taxes. So, she knows we can’t afford it. In order to afford it, the rich and corporations would have to actually pay taxes. She will never, ever let that happen.

However you should know that Universal Healthcare is pretty much a basic human right in the rest of the developed world. Let’s look at countries that have Universal Healthcare:


In Thailand even illegal immigrants can access the Universal Healthcare, which I know first-hand is very good and without hassle. Many in the US call Thailand a “third world” country, and I would like to know what standard they are using. Access to healthcare seems a pretty big point for me, and many US citizens do not have access to care.

Even worse, both Obama and Clinton supported the Affordable Healthcare Act, or ACA, (called “Obama Care” by Republicans.)

This basically forces everyone to pay for health insurance if they can afford it or not, but it allows for insurance companies to charge enormous deductibles before coverage begins, as well as continuing to charge co-pays, referral fees, and specialist fees. And it doesn’t have to cover the full cost of prescriptions either. If you can;t afford to buy this “healthcare” that doesn’t actually cover anything, the government will fine you $5,000 per year.

So obviously someone got a kickback from the medical insurance companies.

They pretend they don’t like it, but you know the truth is that any company is happy when people are forced o buy their product, particularly when they can charge all the fees and deductibles they want on top of the monthly fee.

This instead of single-payer healthcare.

I think most folks in the US don’t even know what single-payer healthcare is. All of the developed world but us has it, but most Americans don’t know what it is.

Well, it means you pay nothing out of pocket.

Let’s say you go to the doctor for a bad rash. You don’t pay for that visit. He refers you to a specialist. You don’t pay a referral fee. You don’t have to look for someone “in your network” because you can see any specialist you want. You don’t pay to see the specialist. He orders blood work. You don’t pay for that. He determines you have Lupus and prescribes you immune suppressant drugs. You don’t pay for those, either.

All you pay is your taxes.

Now in South Korea I had Universal Healthcare and paid 12% tax on a middle class income (so much less than the 36% tax rate in the USA.) But South Korea doesn’t allow their rich people and corporations to stash money in Panama. So… you know… the money for this comes from the rich paying their fair share.

And Hillary Clinton said that isn’t possible.

She also shows a very bad demeanor. I don’t just mean because the Secret Service hate protecting her. I mean listening to her attack everyone who doesn’t agree with her has been insane. Women who don’t support her are “anti-feminist girls” and young people who don’t support her “can’t do research” and she “feels sorry for them.”

Someone who has a temper like that and thinks it’s okay to belittle anyone who doesn’t agree… well… that’s the worst thing possible in a President.

I could go on and on. But I am sure I have bored you by now.

My point: Never ever support Hillary Clinton. She needs to go down in flames just like she did in 2008. The American people need to reject her as the hot mess that she is, and recognize that all her decisions have been bad for us. She’s only out to help the top one percent, and she’s not a good person.


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