Fuck War

Oftentimes Americans try to convince me that there is a rational justification for bombing sovereign nations.

There is not.

They often defend the fact that this is now done without a declaration of war, saying that you don’t need a declaration of war to bomb a country.

You should.

And they tell me that people in the countries that we are bombing have somehow threatened us. I would like to know how they know that, since they can never name all the countries that we have bombed during the current administration (President Obama.)

Since Obama took office, the US has dropped bombs on Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, and Syria.

And I have to tell you; I have friends in Pakistan. One of them runs a school for poor kids, and one is a divorce lawyer who helps women escape abusive relationships. Both of them are wonderful people whom I attended college with, and who decided to go make a difference in the world.

So I have it on good authority from first hand sources that we bomb indiscriminately and kill civilians just as often as “suspected terrorists.” And Pakistan is our ally. They have agreed to help us with anything we ask! And yet…

So why are we attacking all these countries?


Well the main reason is because the US government is trying to distract you. They want you to think that terrorists are what you should be afraid of, when actually you should be much more worried about the things going on here at home.

Some good things to worry about:

The Panama Papers and rich people stashing their money overseas to avoid paying their fair share. Yes, it is legal. But it is morally wrong.

The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, which the US Congress passes every year. Every year it has included various provisions to limit your rights as American citizens, and it has been done quietly so you wouldn’t notice. New laws that restrict your freedom include the military now having the right to arrest US citizens, and also making most public gatherings illegal (while directly violated the spirit of the first amendment to the Constitution.)

The NSA, which has gotten completely out of control. Edward Snowden gave up his freedom to try to warn people, but of course, most of the US was in favor of the Patriot Act because apparently no one reads anything anymore, so the NSA apparently just gets a pass for spying on everything you do. Not cool.


There is a lot more of course, but the point is, you are more likely to be killed by a white male Christian in the US than you are to be killed by a terrorist. No seriously. I am not kidding.

The idea of scary terrorists coming for you is just a boogy man to keep you in line and justify government surveillance.

And of course, the bombings aren’t even mostly killing terrorists. That’s all about money. War is very profitable. And many of our politicians get money from weapons manufacturers through a Super PAC or lobby, while others simply own stock in the companies that make the weapons.

No one wants to stop the profits, so no one wants to stop the war.

Meanwhile, we are just bombing these poor people who are trying to live their lives, and in doing so, we are creating terrorists. The US is too far away and there is an ocean in the way (sort of a big obstacle) so many of them attack countries in Europe because those countries don’t stop us (and therefore support US imperialism.)

And honestly, I can’t blame them for being upset when they see their aunts and mothers and brothers lying  the rubble of another unjustified US bombing.

We even bombed a hospital in Afghanistan and then covered up the evidence. The UN wanted to charge us with a war crime, but of course, we have the biggest military and we are not okay with people holding us accountable for our giant fuck ups. So, they gave up once the evidence was destroyed.

If you are curious about US imperialism, please take a look at all the countries we have attacked for no reason since 1945:


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