Super delegates and Other Failures

I am told that schools no longer offer Civics Class.

I didn’t really need anyone to tell me that though, because it’s painfully obvious.

Civics Class is the teaching of things that relate to being a citizen in the USA. This is things like what Jury Duty is all about, Civil Law, and of course, how elections and government work.

Every election, the new voters get angry about things like Super Delegates and the Electoral College.


These things are corrupt. No doubt about that.

Speaking of, call the Super Delegates who refuse to vote with their constituents and give them a piece of your mind.

Super Delegates only exist in the Democratic party, and only to suppress grass roots candidates. That can and should be changed.

Meanwhile, the electoral college (which is what everyone is going to get outraged about after the primaries) is actually described in the Constitution and we would have to file an amendment to change that.

Both of these things are out-dated and need to be changed. But more importantly, we need to bring back civics class so these things stop taking kids by surprise.

Call your local school board and tell them to bring back civics class!

And then let’s change all the corrupt things with the help of the new generation.




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