We have some issues where education is concerned.

First: We have two things that shouldn’t exist.

There is no excuse for Private Schools, because this allows the rich to create a separate level of better schools for their children, while forcing children from poor families to get a lower quality of education and therefore have less opportunities.  As long as Private Schools exist, the public education system will never get better.

There is also no excuse for homeschooling. Don’t try to tell me that you went through it and you came out fine, because I really don’t care. If you did, you are the exception. We can’t make laws for rare exceptions. Most home schooled children are at a huge disadvantage because their parents are religious fanatics who choose to home school them so they won’t be exposed to any ideas except those in a bible. Mormons and Muslims are both huge fans of homeschooling, because without it their daughters would leave the religion.

So in K-12 education we need to require all Americans to attend public schools.

But what about higher education?

Well, obviously that should be free to anyone who can pass an entrance exam. This is because all of society benefits when we have more skilled labor. I certainly don’t want to have a shortage of doctors in the future or not enough engineers.

There are those who say that college shouldn’t be free because kids can join the military if they want to get higher education. Well, first I would point out that the military won’t take cancer survivors like me. But second, and this is very important, you shouldn’t have to risk your life for an education.


Right now, you can already get free college if you are willing to go overseas. However, we do have a candidate who wants to bring free college to the US. As in Germany and other countries that offer free college, this would bring the best and brightest to the US, and help drive research and development.

So vote Bernie Sanders, because we want to stay ahead as a country.

But, if Hillary Clinton should get the Democratic nomination, remember that you have other options.

Jill Stein is a great candidate and very much worth your vote!




6 thoughts on “Education

    1. Yes, I know several people who were home schooled.

      In fact, I volunteered at a center for at-risk youth in Phoenix Arizona. It was called Tumbleweeds. The boys who got run off the Colorado City compound in Northern Arizona got sent to us. It was really tragic. I mean, beyond sad. It should not be legal to put those poor children in that position; knowing nothing but the Mormon bible and then being thrown out on their asses at 13 or 14 without even knowing basic math!

      It’s child abuse. Plain and simple.

      All children deserve a fair chance at life, and that means they all need to get the chance to learn science and math, and that there are competing religions.

      Not only that, but in the case of private schools, those parents are the ones paying for their kids to get a better education because they know public schools are bad. So, if all kids had to attend public schools, those are the parents that would fight for better public schools.

      We have mandatory public schools here in South Korea, and not only is it the second best education system in the world after New Zealand, but every child can do math and knows what the Big Bang is. No children are left behind and taught only backwards religious nonsense.

      And for the record, most of the boys we tried to help when I was a volunteer at Tumbleweeds didn’t make it. They are so indoctrinated to believe that those outside their religion are doomed that they wouldn’t even listen to us. I have had to fill out three police reports for suicides. That’s what happens when you brainwash a child. They can’t handle the real world.

      When I think of them dead… I know home schooling isn’t okay. Some parents might do okay at it, but there will never be enough oversight to stop the abuse of the system and to stop the kinds of awful things I saw.


      1. I agree, what you saw as a volunteer was child abuse and neglect. I’m not sure putting those kids in public school would make a huge difference because it’s the home situation that mattered. I can understand how watching such tragedies would color your perception drastically. But, think about it – was the problem the homeschooling? And perhaps a better solution would be more oversight on the state’s laws for homeschooling. Here in our state we have to provide proof of progress every year, most commonly done by standardized testing. If you fail to meet the standards you must enroll your kids in public school.

        Perhaps you’re right about the rich parents becoming change agents, but to be honest, people have been passionately working for education reform for years. The results are a patched up, mixed up system with numerous flaws. Most students, parents, and teachers would agree that the system is broken – what no one agrees on is how to fix it. Given that education reform takes years, and then the results are hard to define, why should you expect parents to force their children into a broken system that probably won’t change until after they graduate?

        If you want to advocate for change, then perhaps getting behind Charter schools and supporting them would be a better answer than forced attendence to public schools. Charter schools are a great resource for parents with no other options, and they do provide proven positive results.

        As a parent of a 2e kindergarten kid (SPD, ADHD, and defiance issues) he cannot function in a traditional learning environment – he’s quite smart and a wonderful loving kid, but he goes into sensory overload and melts down. Forcing him into public schools will not help him learn, and will actually prevent other kids from learning.

        We choose to homeschool our kid to help him succeed. Later, we’ll try to enroll him into the middle school and high school classes that our public schools offers for homeschoolers that want to integrate into public school.

        Homeschooling: we’re not all angry crazy people 😉


      2. Well look; I am not a fan of charter schools either because there is literally no oversight in the system.

        You can still home-school your kids. No one is saying you can’t. But you should do it after they get home from public school and on weekends. Everyone needs the same baseline, or we absolutely cannot function as a society.


  1. I agree with Victor about how K-12 kids should have to attend public school.

    I lived in rural California when I was young, and we had a family of home schooled kids next door. Their mom became furious when they interacted with us (we just wanted to play) and taught them nothing but the bible. She used to hit them so hard they would fall down if they tried to speak to anyone but her, and they always had bruises.

    Had those kids been in public school, the teacher could have seen the bruises and got CPS involved.

    As it was, my mom said we had to “mind our own business.”

    I have never stopped feeling guilty about those poor kids and how they didn’t get a real education and they were beaten so badly.

    It’s not like all home school parents are abusive. I am sure that some are kind, and teach their kids actual content instead of just bible stuff. But still… so what? Even if a few people do it right, that doesn’t mean we should abandon all those kids whose parents do it wrong.

    A parent can always home school their kids at home; on the weekends or after public school.

    However, public school is important to protect children, and to give them the same fountain of knowledge that other students get.


    1. Okay, I admit that it’s not fair for some kids to get a better education than others and therefore to have more opportunities.

      However, I don’t think most home school parents beat their children.

      I have no doubt that it does happen. I am sure your neighbors had a very had childhood.

      By the numbers though, I think most are just religious zealots, not child abusers.


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