Do You Like Politics?

I talk about politics a lot.

I mean, a lot.

So recently someone I had just met asked me: “Do you like politics?”

My first thought was: “No. Politics make me really angry.”

And you know what? That’s true. I hate politics. It’s full of hate groups, slander, shady deals, and awful stuff. I do not like the show “House of Cards” or any shows about politics, and it’s not entertainment for me.

So this seems to raise the question among my friends of why I talk about something I don’t like so often.

Well, I was raised by the mayor of a small town in California. Civics class may have been taken out of the curriculum in most places, but not in my school or in my home.

I was taught that it is every citizens civic duty to be involved in politics. If you ignore the people who govern you, they will not do things that are in your best interests. But, the more you are involved, the more they will be forced to do things that benefit you.

In smaller countries like South Korea (48 million people) everyone gets involved, and because the country is smaller, they can see the change that they make in the world.

Unfortunately, the USA is huge. We have 350 million people. There are very few governments that rule a group that large. The size of our government is enormous, and most people really don’t grasp the scale of it. Trying to participate can seem incredibly discouraging because you feel like one drop in an ocean- and you are.

So what is the solution?

Well, many people have suggested that we need to break up the US into smaller pieces that function together more like the European Union (autonomy but shared currency.)

I think this is the only way to fix the problem.

However, even stuck being one drop in an ocean, I still have to take part in politics. It’s not just my civic duty- it’s also the difference between horrible things happening and good things happening. During Donald Trump’s abortion fuax pas, some horrible people were brought to light. They are people who think they have a right to tell our sisters and mothers and daughters what to do, because they are men (so they think they know better.)

I personally won’t allow something like that to happen.

I talk about politics, write about politics, and get involved in politics because it’s desperately important to do so. Awful people will get involved, and as a non-awful person who believes strongly in women having rights, it is my duty to speak up.



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