The Panama Papers

A lot of times when I am talking about taxes in the USA, some conservative will try to insist to me that we have the highest tax rates in the world for corporations and the wealthy.

I have tried in vein to explain how there are lots of legal loopholes that ensure that no one actually pays those taxes.

When the Panama papers came out, I wanted to write something. And yet, what could I say? Nanana I told you so?

In Iceland the people forced the PM to resign within a day, because they care that everyone pays their fair share in taxes.

But in the US, every idiot is under the delusion that they are a disenfranchised billionaire just “waiting for their ship to come in,” so they don’t even seem angry that rich people and corporations don’t pay taxes.

This is disappointing, and it really leaves me with very little to say about it all except that people need to wise up. Income inequality is on the rise; not just in the USA but globally. And you need the rich to pay their fair share, or you will never ever have anything nice. That’s just how it is.

Please, Americans, take this to heart. Everyone needs to pay their fair share. That includes the rich. We need to close those loopholes and stop letting them stash money overseas.


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