Racism in the USA

I am more angry than usual today, because this rant is about racism in the USA. Nothing makes me more angry.

Hate and Extremist is on the rise among white people. Since the election of our first black President, there has been a dramatic increase each year in groups like the KKK, as well as anti-government groups. In 2014, for example, membership in hate groups grew 14%.

Look people, this is bullshit. You are not better than anyone else based on the way you were born, and you don’t get to be proud of things you had no control over. Nationalism is fucking stupid, racism is fucking stupid, and people need to stop taking pride in things they didn’t earn. You want to talk about a trophy for every idiot? I can do you one worse: being proud of being white. How much stupider could you possibly be?

Now, I don’t live on the mainland, but I am taking a trip there for a book signing. And to be perfectly honest, I downloaded a list Anon had available of KKK members just so I could burn a cross in someone’s front yard while I am stateside because FUCK THE KKK.

Seriously people; I realize this isn’t specific to the USA and I understand that other countries have issues with it too. But let’s try to be human fucking beings and stop hating people over things they can’t change.


Like I said, racism makes me more angry than anything else. Just stop it.


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