Please Vote

I know my readers are mostly young people, so I want to remind you that you are the largest generation in the US, and if you vote, you can change the shape of the country. I swear. You really can. And I know most of you are for Bernie Sanders. That’s great! Me too. He’s […]

Better Food Overseas

I am eating better food than you if you are reading this from the US. And, since this is Angry Rants for Average Americans, I imagine you are probably in the US right now. Why am I eating better food? Well, that would be because the US has a corrupt farming industry. I have complained […]


I hear a lot of talk about anarchy among my friends. Many of them seem to think that this is a reasonable solution to their anger towards the government. And it’s a good idea in the same way that Communism is a good idea. Let’s take a look: Communism: This is a system where everyone […]

What is a Co-Op?

I lived in Oregon for quite awhile, and when I did, I shopped at Winco Foods. Now, Winco is not a “real” co-op. They just pay living wages, provide full benefits to employees, and give them stock. On the one hand, this is really great because any company that behaves ethically to its employees should […]

The Future

A lot of people get caught up in the now. That’s fair. Now is where we live. But sometimes it is also important for us to look to the future. I don’t know if you have kids or not, but I have a son and a granddaughter. I want very much for them to grow […]

Organized Labor

I know I haven’t been in the USA for awhile. Maybe I am a little out of touch. But I am completely baffled by the people who are against organized labor! So here’s a quick explanation: Let’s call the example company “Greedy Men.” So Greedy Men decide that their workers should take a pay cut. […]

American Exceptionalism

I am not a huge Micheal Moore fan. In college I took a PR class in which I was forced to watch Bowling for Columbine. My professor was a former PR executive for a tobacco company, and he spent the majority of his life telling people that cigarettes really weren’t that harmful, and selling them […]

Old Friends

  The problem with Facebook is that you tend to have a lot of folks from High School find you on there and request an add. That would be fine, I guess, if I had grown up in a nice neighborhood. However, the neighborhood I came from was full of poor and desperate people, and […]

This Might Be Satire

Many of you are too young or too straight-edge to remember a band called Propagandhi. However, they were very popular for a little while when I was a young man, and they had a song called “This Might be Satire.” I thought of it when I checked out this article, which basically sums up my […]

Hillary Clinton is a Poor Choice

A lot of people lately have tried to paint Hillary Clinton as a “progressive,” which is the new made-up term that only exists in the USA, and means approximately the same thing as having liberal political views. First, I want to assure you that Hillary Clinton is not a liberal, nor does she value liberal […]