Housing Changes

In the 1950’s, the American Dream was to own a home and have a family.

However, these days wages are too low, and people know they will never own a home. They delay marriage and starting a family, and some won’t ever do those things. It’s just too expensive.

This tells you how bad it is.

And yet, corporations want you to believe that it’s not actually bad that you are too poor to buy a home!

Lately, there has been an onslaught of pieces like this one, where they try to convince you that owning a home is bad. Rich people are trying like hell to convince you that the American dream was a lie, and even though they own homes, you should not aspire to such a goal.

It’s a bunch of propaganda, and it’s sad.

Then there is the solution: To poor to buy a home? No problem! Live in a hip Millennial dorm! They’ll sell the idea as cheap and fun. They’ll tell you that you’ll make friends. But the truth is, they fear nursing homes because they want privacy and dignity, and you can’t get that living in a dorm, no matter how they dress it up with nonsense.

But since I have been around, I do want to tell you what other country has adults living in dorms. There is only one. Can you make a guess?

It’s China. Chinese workers live in dorms. So please remember when they try to defeat your home-owning dream and sell you on the romance and charm of dorm life; they are trying to make you happy to live like workers in China.

Now Donald Trump is trying to tell our poorly educated population that having low wages is a good thing, because we can be competitive with China. Don’t buy that garbage. To compete with China, we have to have a government willing to force us to live like the Chinese.

We want to be competitive with South Korea. Every person has their own place, the country has one of the largest economies in the world, they export lots of goods, and overall they are very successful. Plus every person makes far more than they can spend, and so the economy is always adding new jobs because of the demand for products.

A self-sufficient country is one where the demand from consumers in that country is hat creates jobs. A desperate country is one where demand for products from people outside the country is what creates the jobs. That leaves the people poor and the economy at the whim of those who import goods.

So we do not want to be like China. Not one bit. And Donald Trump and his rich friends need to stop suggesting that we should emulate China. Let’s compete with an actual good country, shall we?


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