Politically Correct

The term “politically correct” actually came from an era that has passed us by. It was a time when politicians worried about saying something that could be considered rude to a group of people, and so they tried to use very encompassing language. It was a time when that actually got you votes.

Over time, the term came to mean simply not saying disparaging things about others. For example, don’t say that black people shouldn’t be allowed to go into the same restaurants as white people. Don’t say you’re glad the Native Americans were practically wiped off the face of the Earth. If you are a racist, or a sexist, or some sort of bigot; keep it to yourself.

In modern times, the term is under attack.

Today, the US media has conditioned Americans to think of the term “politically correct” or “PC” as an affront to them. They seem to have been taught that any limitation on speech, be it out of safety concerns or just basic human decency, is totally unacceptable.

Well I am here to tell you that you need to grow up.

The rest of the world is not glorifying their right to spout bigotry. Civilized people don’t do that. It’s divisive and unproductive, and all it does is foster resentment.

Stop it.


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