The US Media

Full Disclosure: I used to be a Journalist in the USA.

So this is a huge complex problem and I honestly have no idea how to deal with it: but the US media is a nightmare of bias.

In the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, I had a professor who I really liked for my Ethics class. Unfortunately, he was an older gentleman and he was sort of stuck in his views. He only consumed one kind of media: the left-leaning kind. And he believed that there was no bias in the media in the USA.

I failed my first assignment in his class.

He asked us to bring in ten examples of bias in the media. The object of the assignment was for us to say that we couldn’t find any, and for him to congratulate us on realizing that the media is a shining light of truth in a world of propaganda and misinformation. I brought in ten news article with a slant, and I wrote out what the slant was.

I got an “F.”

I went to him during his office hours, but he shouted at me that I was wrong. I was really disheartened, because as I say, I thought he was a good teacher. As a handicapped person, he had a lot of insight into the way the media talks about people and the way society can be cruel to certain groups. I learned a lot from him.

However, in this one case, I learned that older people can’t see the bias in the media. I am not sure why this is. However, I do have a theory: I think that growing up with the internet taught my generation to filter out bullshit better.

When my professor was younger, you could turn on the news and trust it. Men like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings told it like it was, and kept to the facts. And that’s great!

But when I was young, spam was invented. Not the food, but the thing that filled your e-mail inbox promising you a larger penis and hot singles in your area. I learned to filter out the garbage, because there was so much of it. I learned that you can’t trust almost all of what you hear. I learned to be cynical and skeptical.

So one of the problems with the media in the US is that it is hugely bias. The other problem is that many people don’t believe that it’s hugely bias.

Obviously the problems are deeper than that and there is a lot more to it, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure there are many more rants on media to come.

For now, have a laugh:





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