Bias in the Media

All I wanted was an article about the delegate count. That’s it. I just wanted to know where each candidate stood, and how many delegates were left.

So I went to my old friend Google and typed in “Delegate Count in the Democratic Primary.”

I got a bunch of results, and they fell into two categories:

1. The majority were pro-Hillary Clinton articles talking about how Bernie Sanders was completely out of the race now. This obvious bias was upsetting. I mean, with only a few states having voted, and the majority of the US left to go, I think we should all be insulted that the media feels no one’s vote counts after “Super Tuesday.” (What a bunch of nonsense.)

Most of the media outlets in question were owned by companies that have donated to Hillary Clinton. I assume that is because she is the candidate accepting corporate money, while Bernie Sanders is not. However, there is supposed to be a “wall” in Journalism between the advertising folks and owners, and the journalists. The journalists are meant to have integrity, and not to simply follow the whims of the owners and advertisers.

2. I found a few pieces that didn’t act like Bernie Sanders had lost. However, they were obviously very pro-Bernie, and some went so far as to say disparaging things about Hillary Clinton.

I should point out that the few I found with a pro-Sanders vibe were very obviously supported by the many banner ads all over their sites (hence making it obvious that they were Independent and therefore struggling.

And this all really pissed me off.

Look journalists: All I want is an unbias summary of the news. Can you please keep your opinions and the opinions of your owners to yourselves? How can you call yourselves news organizations when you do this? You’re not news organizations anymore. You are propaganda machines.

There are more candidates running than Trump and Clinton, and at this point in the race, everyone still has a chance. It’s not over until the convention.

I know that you think people want to hear their opinions spat back out at them. I know that you think bias sells the news. Buy you know what? Some of us just want to hear what happened! The facts, please! Can you try that for once? Because if you can’t, then you need to stop calling yourselves journalists and admit that you work in public relations. And on the scale of PR folks, you are right up there with the PR people for the tobacco companies.

Just stop it.


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