Housing Changes

In the 1950’s, the American Dream was to own a home and have a family. However, these days wages are too low, and people know they will never own a home. They delay marriage and starting a family, and some won’t ever do those things. It’s just too expensive. This tells you how bad it […]

Protected Land

A long time ago, there was a man named Richard Wetherill. I don’t want to give him undue credit, because there were a lot of men like him, but I am just using him an an example. Let’s start with the East Coast. At the time the East Coast was settled, the idea was to […]

Police in the United States

It wasn’t until I left the US that I realized how invasive our police force is. The are everywhere. As a poor kid in a bad neighborhood, I was often subject to their harassment for doing things like: walking on the sidewalk, going to work, coming home from work, being in the mall, being in […]

Politically Correct

The term “politically correct” actually came from an era that has passed us by. It was a time when politicians worried about saying something that could be considered rude to a group of people, and so they tried to use very encompassing language. It was a time when that actually got you votes. Over time, […]

Seven Countries in Six Years

In the last six years, the USA has bombed seven countries. Call me old fashion, but I preferred it when Congress had to vote on a formal declaration of war, because that fostered the necessary discussion about if violence was the best course of action. But Congress doesn’t have to declare war anymore. The President […]

Wage Decline in the US

When adjusted for inflation, wages in the US are going down. Donald Trump claims this is good, because it means that we can “be competitive with China.” First, that’s terrible because at least those hard-labor jobs in China come with housing. In the US workers still have to pay for rent! But it’s worse because […]

Social Security

There is always a Republican somewhere saying that we should eliminate Social Security. They really hate that poor people have access to something to live off of when they get old. I have no idea why that is. Here is something you need to know, though: Social Security is not a “handout” and it is […]

Hate Groups

The United States is having a huge resurgence of hate groups, and of anti-government groups. I guess that since this has happened during the Obama presidency, we can go ahead and attribute it to racist white people feeling threatened by the black President we have in office. Whatever the case, hate groups are on rise, […]

The US Media

Full Disclosure: I used to be a Journalist in the USA. So this is a huge complex problem and I honestly have no idea how to deal with it: but the US media is a nightmare of bias. In the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, I had a professor who I really liked for my […]