Standing Up For Women

A lot of guys think that being feminists is dumb. I want to rant really quickly about why it isn’t.

A short story:

I was visiting a friend and he was picking up his son from school. As his son was walking up to the car, he saw a boy kiss another boy goodbye and get into the car in front of him. Of course, he was surprised, because he’s from an older generation.

So, he said to his son; “Did you see that? That boy just kissed another boy!”

And his son said; “So what?”

This is the perfect situation to examine when we talk about gender and all that being kind of “over” (as the kids these days put it.) This is our future. Tolerance and acceptance is where the kids are taking things. And that’s great.

However, there is a problem.

The generation before mine is still having some kind of gender war.

Hillary Clinton basically summed it up perfectly. She said, when speaking at a women’s college, “Women make better politicians because you know that men just don’t know how to listen.”

Comedians often play on this same “battle of the sexes” bullshit with jokes about women having feelings, or taking too long to get ready. Or, they joke about men screwing things up in the kitchen like a bunch of uncivilized cavemen.

But of course, this isn’t true. Men can cook and clean and raise babies. Women can have professional jobs and be good leaders and make smart investments.

Forcing people into strict gender roles excludes all kinds of folks (like gay people) and it’s not natural. Small children all have feelings, and it is only the boys who are forced to repress them. Small children all have aspirations of exciting jobs, but it is only the women who are put down by being told that their ultimate goal is marriage. We need to stand up for women because the patriarchy hurts both genders and oppresses both genders. We need to make sure that the scene my friend saw when picking up his kid becomes normal, and that we start letting everyone have a chance at the same rights.

Sir Patrick Stewart is maybe one of the best men on Earth, and his said it better than I ever can. Those with voices need to speak up for those without voices.

Good man. Good words.





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