The World is Watching




First: This blog is written by an “expat,” who is voicing the feelings of the expat community. So what does that even mean?

Well, and “expat” or ex-patriot is someone lives overseas.

We moved overseas for various reasons, but mainly it was the lack of good jobs in the USA right now. Everything seems to be for minimum wage, and the cost of living is so high that you need to make triple what you are offered to live comfortably.

So we left.

We are still citizens. We still pay taxes and vote. But we live and work abroad, so that we get to see the chance how government works in other countries, and we get a world perspective on the events happening in the USA, rather than the more narrow perspective available from at home.

So the huge issue right now is Donald Trump. He’s embarrassing. And as if it couldn’t get any worse, the KKK supports him now as well, because he’s so racist that the ultimate in American evil will hop in line behind him.

Look America, this is really awful for you. You need to realize that to the rest of the world, the rise of a racist tyrant who wants to cut off the US from other cultures looks exactly like the rise of Adolph Hitler, and no one anywhere is failing to see that.

Please stop voting for him.

This isn’t a joke.

If you elect him, he will destroy the US economy like so many of the businesses he has owned, but that isn’t the worst part.

I am going to paraphrase Penn Jillette, but the point is: We want someone for President who appeals to the best of us, not the worst of us. We want it to be a good guy that we can aspire to be like him.

Donald Trump appeals to the worst among us. He appeals to the racism, hatred, sexism, narcissism, and other really terrible qualities and we need to suppress rather than celebrate.

Take this seriously America. The world is watching, and no one thinks it’s whimsical or funny. This is very serious and very bad.


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