The Cost of Living

      Today I want to talk to Americans about the Cost of Living. In the USA many people struggle with rent, food, healthcare premiums, taxes, car maintenance, and other things. I know. I am from a really bad neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. When I moved, something amazing happened. It was like I had […]

Standing Up For Women

A lot of guys think that being feminists is dumb. I want to rant really quickly about why it isn’t. A short story: I was visiting a friend and he was picking up his son from school. As his son was walking up to the car, he saw a boy kiss another boy goodbye and […]

The World is Watching

    First: This blog is written by an “expat,” who is voicing the feelings of the expat community. So what does that even mean? Well, and “expat” or ex-patriot is someone lives overseas. We moved overseas for various reasons, but mainly it was the lack of good jobs in the USA right now. Everything […]

Why Angry Rants?

The United States of America has a past. Every country has done things that they are ashamed of, and we’re no different. The treatment of the Native Americans was a dark chapter for us, as was the slavery of Africans. We’ve treated immigrants poorly, from the Irish to the Chinese to the Mexicans. If we’re […]